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Make the Best Argentine Desserts with Maria Ines.

Are you a fan of sweets? Here you’ll learn how to make the classic Argentine desserts and then eat them all!


  • When we think about Argentina we think about Asado, polo or salty things … but what about that sweet touch that brightens our day? Dessert is the perfect ending to a good meal. That’s why, here, we will learn the pastry techniques of our “gaucho” grandmothers using natural ingredients that can be found were ever you are. Pastry art is based on textures, flavors and great sweet combinations. Get ready!


    We will learn how to make tree desserts, taste them and then take them with you to please you friends. For that we´ll need 4 hours of fun work.

    The desserts are:
    – Flan and crepes with Dulce de Leche
    – Pasta frola or Chocotorta
    – Dulce de Leche alfajores.


    So, what is Dulce de leche?. It means candy of milk in Spanish, and it is similar in flavor to caramel. But unlike caramel, dulce de leche is prepared by slowly heating sweetened condensed milk. According to legend, Dulce de Leche may have been invented by Napoleon’s soldiers burning milk and sugar while in the field, or by a housekeeper who forgot the milk on the stove. Whatever the origin, the flavor is legendary and here will learn how to make it!


    And what is an Alfajor? it’s two crisp buttery cookies held in a sandwich with dulce de leche smeared in between. They come in various forms, dipped in chocolate, dipped in a white sugar coating, dusted in powdered sugar or rolled in shredded coconut. Each way they are prepared just adds to how luscious they are-and Argentineans know it! We eat alfajores with breakfast, as a snack, in the afternoon with piping hot espresso, or for dessert…no time is a bad time to eat an alfajor.

    The last dessert Pasta Frola or Chocotorta, come to the class and you will see !

  • The experience will be in Maria Ines house, near the Alto Palermo, after you purchase the tour we’ll send you the exact meeting point.

    Shopping Alto Palermo


Upcoming dates

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am

LOCATION: Buenos Aires
GROUP SIZE: 3 to 4

50 USD per Person

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Meet the host


Maria Ines

My name is Maria Ines, in 1987 I started this fun culinary task with two friends. Some time after we started receiving many requests for meals, cocktails, lunch, baptisms, weddings, etc.. In my 26 years of work I´ve been cooking in many countries and institutiones, algo opened a cafe for a while. Today I make all kinds of residential and business meals, and teach in different places…

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Featured Reviews:


Love the Chocotorta!

Awesome cook and really practical! All the things we’ve done where delitious!

Marcela R

Santiago, Chile


Just Great!

I did this class with my 11 year old daughter and we had a great time! Maria Ines is friendly and fun, and patient with questions. We not only brought home many delicious alfajores, but we are ready to tackle the difficult sweet on our own sometime.

Dashiell F

Lyon, France