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Caught in the Act- First Ever Immersive Bike Theatrical Tour

How about combining a theatre play with a history class while on a bicycle tour of the city?

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  • Have you ever imagined becoming an early 1900´s inmigrant at La Boca Port, “caceroleando” in the financial district, marching with a mother of a dissapeared person in the 70´s or witnessing a secret that Evita Peron reveals in Plaza de Mayo?

    Theatre + City History + Biking

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    The idea behind the Caught in the Act project was to deliver a fully interactive experience including you in the scenes with the actors so you can feel for the history rather than just a basic understanding. We want to leave you feeling truly impacted by the experience just as the porteños and fellow Argentines have been impacted in so many ways throughout the last several centuries.

    What can you expect? Cycle through a three dimensional history book, breaking down the fourth wall, you as the audience will be drawn into the performance. Experience the struggles of immigrants coming into La Boca in the early 20th century, feel the rhythm of your heart beating to the rhythm of the Tango drum to listening to the evocations of Evita’s famous speech and much more.

    The shows will be each Sunday from 2:30pm-6:30pm starting in San Telmo where the first part of the performance will take part. Then we are going to use the bicycles to travel from one point to the other.

    In this video you’ll see more about this awesome experience

  • We’ll meet in San Telmo.

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Upcoming dates


from 2:30pm-6:30pm

LOCATION: Buenos Aires
GROUP SIZE: Up to 12

60 USD

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Meet the hosts


Faro Team

Started in 2007, COMPAÑIA FÅRÖ is an independent theater that aims to portray a sense of humanitarianism through their works. Using mediums of theatre and dance, Compañia FÅRÖ promotes the values of peace, culture and education to create meaningful and valuable messages through their works….

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