Price: 75 USD

Take Some Real Tango Lessons With a Pro

Why being just a mere spectator when you can be part of the tango scene? Get ready to dance, listen and live a fascinating tango experience as you let yourself guide through the local tango scene by true experts!


  • Julieta is not only a charming host but also an experienced dancer who will teach you all the moves and tips you will need to go and crash the dancefloor when after a 1 and a half hour class, she takes you to the less touristy “milongas” of the city, those spots where locals, expats and young tango enthusiasts meet to listen, dance, eat and share some drinks until way past the midnight.

    So here are the details:


    You will meet Julieta at her tango venue in the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo to learn the basics of tango with a group of locals for one hour and a half.

    Then she will take you to a “milonga” where you will have dinner, (which usually consists of empanadas, different sorts of pies, and a glass of wine) and, of course, show your recently learned tango skills, meet the local dancers and musicians, and enjoy an authentic tango night accompanied by her, who will personally assist you during the entire event, helping you to dance and giving you insights on how to live the experience like a local.

    The event normally lasts until 2am, but guests can leave at any time and a taxicab from a trusted company will be personally picking them up at the venue.

    Transportation from your hotel/apartment to the venue is also included with the price, when two or more people book.

    Days available:

    • Mondays from 9pm till midnight. (Cost: 75 USD)
    • Tuesdays from 9pm till midnight. (Cost: 95 USD)

    The reason why Tuesdays are a bit more expensive is because you will be given an extremely exclusive class, specifically tailored to your needs, without other regular local attendees.

  • We will pick you up at your hotel


Upcoming dates

Mondays & Tuesdays

At 9pm till midnight

LOCATION: Buenos Aires

from 75 USD

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Meet the host



She is a tango dancer, she has been studying and performing this discipline for more than 10 years and even though tango has been the main focus of her career, she has also practiced many different disciplines like contemporary dance in its various techniques (muller, flying low, graham), classic dance by biomechanics, yoga and pilates. This combination has given…

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