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  • The City of Tigre is a harbor in the Northwest part of the Southern coast of the “Rio de la Plata” (Silver River). It is located on the Parana River Delta, and is made up of hundreds of Islands forming a complex labyrinth, and giving it the nickname “Venecia de Argentina” (Venice of Argentina).


    Alejandro Benarós

    Alex is an expert in the Río de la Plata. More than 40 years navigating it’s rivers and knows every nook and cranny of this wonderful place .. basically we could say that is the “kevin costner” in waterworld of Rio de la Plata. He loves nature, sports and good life. During the week he host tours in the Rio de la Plata…

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    The grouping of all the islands in the area are locally known as just “El Delta” (The Delta). Many of the islands have family homes, or weekend houses built on them, forming a rather disperse community and to some point very private, only accessible by water. There are also many natural reserves in the Tigre Delta.

    Embark on a classic motor sailboat moored at a prestigious yacht club in San Isidro. Then navigate the world’s widest river, the Rio de la plata, to get to San Antonio channel. We will sail up the San Antonio to reach small streams where we see the wildlife. There you can go swimming, kayaking, fishing or just relax. Then a we’ll eat a meat and cheese platter ( called “Picada“ in Argentina), deli sandwiches and Champagne.


    Continue our journey through the channels of the delta, visiting houses in the area and talk to the local people to see how they live in this unusual place. Pass by historic buildings dating back to 1910 and on the way back, eat some delicious croissants and coffee.

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  • We offer walking tours in English and Spanish showing you the Best Street Art Hot-Spots and revealing the incredible stories behind the artists and their works.


    Join us on a tour this week and find out why Buenos Aires is one of the street art capitals of the world. Explore different parts of the city with our expert guides and photograph giant murals in neighborhoods that aren’t in the tourist guidebooks. Discover for yourself designs by more than 50 artists and the amazing stories behind their artworks.


    Regular tours are in English on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 2.30pm. (approx 2 hours 30 mins). Cost US$20 dollars.
    Are you ready to get your mind blown?! Watch this!

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