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The Borges Literary Experience: Get Immersed Into the World of One of Argentina’s Most Prolific Authors.

Join our incredible host Lara in this 2-hour walk -with stops- to introduce you to Jorge Luis Borges’ world.


  • Lara will take you around the neighborhood where the author used to live, while reading a famous short story from “Brodie’s report” and the poem “Mythical foundation of Buenos Aires” as you walk through the corners where the story takes place. Combining that with insights about the life of the author and the meaning behind his words that only a true connoisseur and an academic like Lara, who has a Master’s degree in literature, can provide.
    We’ll visit his house, and we will drink a typical “cortado” (coffee with milk) in one of the area’s traditional cafes while we talk about the texts and the author’s life.

    If you haven’t read Borges before, it is an incredibly fun introduction to his life and work, one of the world’s most widely acclaimed authors, inspiration for many of today’s most renowned writers. This tour was designed to meet the expectations of newbies so we have no doubt that will absolutely enjoy walking with Lara.

    If you have read Borges it is definitely an experience that will broaden your knowledge about the author’s work and life, as you will be able to exchange opinions and insights with someone who really knows the subject, while you discover the hidden spots that inspired many of the author’s stories.

    • Language: Spanish, English
    • Duration: 90-120 minutes approximately
    • Way: in group or individually, always walking (we do not take the bus or metro)
  • We’ll meet in Borges street near plaza Armenia

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Upcoming dates

Every Day

At 10:30am & 2:30pm

LOCATION: Buenos Aires

30 USD

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Meet the host

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I like to write, to read and to talk. I talk a lot! My brother used to say to me why dont you have a radio program? Fortunately, we don’t live together anymore. I am in my thirties, by which it is not guaranteed that you will have left home: in Buenos Aires people can live with their parents until they are 35 years old! …

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