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Germany, Argentina, France, Belgium … The World.

About the Team:

We feel the potential and beauty of travelling can only be truly maximized by experiencing a new country in the company of others from all corners of the globe in a relaxed atmosphere with a strong focus on social integration and, above all, fun.

We are a team of friends, from all corners of the globe, brought together through a mutual passion for food, wine, travel and people. Our goal is to achieve a team diverse and knowledgeable enough to make every type of traveller comfortable from the moment they enter the door. Whether it be speaking their language, understanding their culture, or just simply going the extra mile to ensure their personal needs are attended to – we are all here because we want to be, and that’s what should be obvious from the instant you arrive.

To create a tourism company like no other. To organically build a truly global community of likeminded individuals who are driven, passionate and brought together by a common set of principles that guide us in every decision and action we take. Our vision is not one of material riches; moreover it is one of a way of life, and a lifestyle where normal borders and restrictions don’t apply. The ability to work/travel and experience life where you want, with the people you like and love, the ability to give back to our clients anything they desire in a way that nobody else can, the ability to give more than you take but feel like you’ve taken everything you could ever want. This company is about mixing all cultures of the world together, taking the billions of ideas that we create, and blending them into a place in which everyone is welcome.


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Comments from their tours:


“A Fantatic Night!!”

Highly recommend anyone who is in Buenos Aires attend the Argentine Experience – well worth the money. I did the wine cocktails and food experience and both were amazing – great staff who made it informative and very entertaining with plenty of wine flowing!! All the cocktails and food were absolutely amazing – definitely one of the best steaks I…

Paul S

Adelaida, Australia


“AN ABSOLUTE MUST – seasoned travellers say it’s the best thing we’ve come across so far!”

Having travelled to most corners of the world, I can safely say that this tour is up there in our highlights. If you want to engage with the culture of Argentina, eat great food, drink great wine and be around wonderful people, then this is the thing for you. We are a couple and found the group dynamics perfect, it’s…


London, England


“Memorable experience!”

Gastronomy to taste and to cook. I eat the best empanada of my life, surprisingly I ´kind of´ did it myself 🙂 Touches of the Argentine culture in a fun way…the body language / gestures class is outstanding and really upgrades any Argentine experience on the streets. And…besides my friends I could also get to know very interesting people…starting from…

Luciana A

Buenos Aires, Argentina