Meet our hosts in Buenos Aires.

Meet the amazing community of hosts in Buenos Aires who share their talents and passion with others on ToursLatam.

Professional Photographer Bernardo Galmarini

Bernardo G.

Profesional Photographer

Born in Buenos Aires in 1969. Since 2001 up to date, he works as a freelance stock photographer in several stock galleries of England, USA and Latin America.His photographs have been published in newspapers, books, travel catalogues and magazines, like: National Geographic (Web Site and on-board book “Patagonia 2012”), The New York Post(USA), Svet Magazine (Czech Republic), “Photo Plus” magazine (U.K), GEO magazine (Spain, 2011)… Read more about this awesome Host


Argentine Culinary Experience


We are a team of friends, from all corners of the globe, brought together through a mutual passion for food, wine, travel and people. Our goal is to achieve a team diverse and knowledgeable enough to make every type of traveller comfortable from the moment they enter the door… Read more about these awesome Hosts

Alejandro Benarós

Alex B.


Alex is an expert in the Río de la Plata. More than 40 years navigating it’s rivers and knows every nook and cranny of this wonderful place .. basically we could say that is the “kevin costner” in waterworld of Rio de la Plata. He loves nature, sports and good life. During the week he host tours in the Rio de la Plata and handles his business of pottery. On weekends he trains young enthusiastic boys in the Laser school of his yachting club… Read more about this awesome Host


Sophie L.

Fashon Journalist

Sophie started her career as a lifestyle writer and spent five years in Shanghai working as a fashion writer, editor and costume stylist. Moving to Argentina at the beginning of 2010, she set up and established Shop Hop BA as well as working as a freelance fashion journalist and copywriter. She strives to deliver a… Read more about this awesome Host

Norma Soued

Norma S.


I love teaching and transmitting my experience, allowing the students the freedom and creativity to innovate and prepare their own version of the dishes we prepare.
I´m a psychoterapist and find that cooking is therapeutic as it gives us the posibility to use our creativity, and be connected to the roots of the culture…Read more about this awesome Host


Maria Ines S.


Hi, I’m Maria Ines S., in 1987 I started this fun culinary task with two friends. Some time after we started receiving many requests for meals, cocktails, lunch, baptisms, weddings, etc.. In my 26 years of work I´ve been cooking in many countries and institutiones, algo opened a cafe for a while. Today I make all kinds of residential and business meals, and teach in different places… Read more about this awesome Host


Natalia M.

Art Gallery Owner

I began working in the Art Business in 1999 as a producer and fundraiser at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Whilst there, I was hired for the same role by both the Cultural Affairs Secretary from Buenos Aires andThe Colon Theatre until 2003. During that period I opened the Gallery 5006 in… Read more about this awesome Host

Federico E.

Extreme Sports Freak

En la primavera del año 2000, nos anotamos con un amigo de toda la vida en el curso 2×1 de windsurf. Imaginate lo bueno que estuvo si durante los dos años siguientes lo perseguí al dueño de la escuela para que me contratara como ayudante en algo… Mi objetivo era seguir aprendiendo para algún día ser instructor. Nunca me llamó, hasta que en Septiembre del 2002 volví a pedirle trabajo (ya por tercera vez, pero con una mejor estrategia…) le dije que ya tenía otro trabajo (en un restaurante)… Read more about this awesome Host


Matt F.

Street Art Guru

We are experts on Buenos Aires street art and work closely with the city’s artists .We organize big mural projects and promote the local scene. Through our close relationships with the artists, our tours are always up to date with the newest and best murals… Read more about this awesome Host

Tonio Profile

Tonio N.

Football Fanatic

Born and raised in buenos aires, I know the city like the back of my hand. And that includes almost every soccer stadium you can find. Being a loyal Racing Club fan took me almost everywhere you can imagine. And I mean everywhere… Fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish…. Read more about this awesome Host


Alvaro L.

Professional Tour Guide and Biking Enthusiast

He is 28 years old and knows quite a bunch about the city. His experience as a tour guide started back in 2010 when he was asked to guide visitors through the Teatro Colón since its re-opening. That was when he discovered his vocation for communicating and showing everyone who might reach him how wonderful and complex Buenos Aires is….. Read more about this awesome Host


Julieta F.

Professional Dancer

Julieta is a tango dancer, she has been studying and performing this discipline for more than 10 years and even though tango has been the main focus of her career, she has also practiced many different disciplines like contemporary dance in its various techniques (muller, flying low, graham), classic dance by biomechanics, yoga and pilates. This combination has given her… Read more about this awesome Host

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Lara M.

Master’s degree in Literature

I like to write, to read and to talk. I talk a lot! My brother used to say to me why dont you have a radio program? Fortunately, we don’t live together anymore. I am in my thirties, by which it is not guaranteed that you will have left home: in Buenos Aires people can live with their parents until they are 35 years old!… Read more about this awesome Host