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Julieta F.

Professional Dancer

Buenos Aires , Argentina.

About Julieta:

Julieta is a tango dancer, she has been studying and performing this discipline for more than 10 years and even though tango has been the main focus of her career, she has also practiced many different disciplines like contemporary dance in its various techniques (muller, flying low, graham), classic dance by biomechanics, yoga and pilates. This combination has given her a broad and versatile approach when it comes to dancing and teaching her classes.

As a Tango instructor, she has been teaching for more than 7 years. Has worked in many of the most prestigious Tango venues in Buenos Aires, such as DNI Tango, Tango Brujo, Esquinazo Tango Estudio, and also in many different cities of Europe and America, in festivals and workshops in places like Stockholm, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Leipzig, Florence, Brescia, Mantova, Geneva, Berlin, and Sao Paulo.


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Let’s see some of the pictures of Julieta and her lessons!