Meet the founders

We think of ourselves as explorers. We love to experience new cultures, different architecture and cuisines... and we often had the same problem, we got stuck with the one-size-fits-all tour. So, we gave birth to ToursLatam trying to solve our, and most explorers, problem. Find Memorable and Passionate Things to do in Buenos Aires or in other City's of the world.

So, meet our team!

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ToursLatam S.A.
Castañeda 1871, Buenos Aires.
Argentina, 1124

Ricardo Cernadas

is the guy who will get us global! He is in charge of expanding our boundaries.

Francisco Renó

is the reason why you found us on the web and he makes sure you have a great time!

Santiago Botta

does everything to find the coolest experiences and hosts available.

Belén Sapia

is the reason why everything works so smoothly in our website. She’s awesome!

Ignacio Sanguinetti

makes sure all the numbers are covered, if you are talking about money this is your guy!